Desist from holding white weddings; too expensive – Prophet Oduro’s message to youth

Esteemed founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Oduro, has recently issued a stark warning to young couples embarking on married life.

In a recent statement, the outspoken pastor advised against extravagant white weddings, emphasizing the futility of spending exorbitant sums on a ceremony following a traditional marriage.

Prophet Oduro highlighted that the funds allocated for a lavish white wedding could be put to much better use by investing in meaningful projects that would benefit the future of the newlywed couple. He stressed the importance of prioritizing financial prudence and planning for the long-term sustainability of the marriage.

The warning comes at a time when many couples feel pressured to conform to societal expectations and host elaborate white weddings. Prophet Oduro’s message serves as a reminder to focus on the true essence of marriage and prioritize financial responsibility over extravagant displays of wealth.

As young couples navigate the complexities of married life, Prophet Oduro’s advice serves as a valuable reminder to consider the long-term implications of financial decisions and prioritize investments that will have a lasting impact on their future together.