Anti-LGBTQ+ bill: It’s personal for Sam George; total abuse of power – Pappy Kojo

Anti-LGBTQ+ bill: It’s personal for Sam George; total abuse of power – Pappy Kojo

Ghanaian artist Pappy Kojo has entered the conversation surrounding the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill, taking aim at Member of Parliament for Ningo-PramPram, Sam George, for what he deems an abuse of power.

In a recent interview, Pappy Kojo expressed his opposition to the bill, highlighting the potential negative effects it could have and raising concerns about violations of human rights.

The bill, known officially as the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, has sparked widespread debate and criticism both locally and internationally. Its provisions include criminalizing LGBTQ+ advocacy and activities, with punishments ranging from fines to imprisonment.

Pappy Kojo, known for his frank stance on social issues, did not mince words in his criticism. He labeled the bill as a “total abuse of power” and pointed out the personal nature of the issue for Sam George, who has been a strong supporter of the bill.

Kojo suggested that personal motives might be clouding the judgement of those pushing for the bill, leading to what he sees as a violation of basic human rights.

Regarding Sam George’s involvement in spearheading the bill, Pappy Kojo remarked, “I also think it’s just personal to Sam George. If you’re in power, you can pretty much do whatever you want. So I think that’s what he’s doing.” His comments echoed the sentiments of many activists and organizations who have decried the bill as discriminatory and regressive.

Sam George, the MP targeted by Pappy Kojo’s criticism, has been a vocal advocate for the bill, arguing that it is necessary to uphold Ghanaian cultural values and safeguard the family unit.

Expanding on the broader implications, Pappy Kojo stressed the importance of shielding children from exposure to intimate matters, regardless of sexual orientation. He emphasized, “Intimate matters shouldn’t be exposed to kids. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, they shouldn’t be exposed to kids.”

However, critics like Kojo argue that such legislation violates individual freedoms and perpetuates discrimination and prejudice. The debate over the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill continues to polarize opinions in Ghana, with supporters citing traditional values and moral concerns, while opponents highlight human rights and inclusivity.