Lack of adequate funding crippling Ghana Museums and Monuments Board’s objectives 

Lack of adequate funding crippling Ghana Museums and Monuments Board’s objectives

The Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB) is facing challenges due to a lack of adequate funding for the conservation of the country’s artefacts and monuments. Despite being the legal custodian of Ghana’s material cultural heritage, the Board is struggling to provide contemporary and educational programmes.

During a forum to commemorate the 2024 International Museum Day, Mr Kennedy Atsutse, the Head of Museums Department in the Central Region, emphasized the urgent need for government support. He highlighted the importance of mobile vans or institutional vehicles to take museum education to schools and communities.

The International Museum Day, celebrated on May 18th, was marked at the Elmina Castle by conservationists, tourism enthusiasts, students, teachers, fishers, and journalists. The theme for the day was “Museums for Education and Research,” highlighting the role of museums in addressing contemporary societal issues.

The GMMB, which oversees nine museums across the country, is seeking support from philanthropists, charity organizations, and donors to sustain its activities. Mr Atsutse also raised concerns about the lack of human resources in critical areas of the institution.

Mr Isadore Armah, Executive Director of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, emphasized the need to protect and preserve national museums, monuments, eco sites, and tourism facilities. He called for the collection, interpretation, and display of objects of cultural significance for public education and cultural heritage preservation.

Mr Charles Buabin, Central Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, highlighted the significant role museums play in offering unique cultural and educational experiences to tourists. He advocated for clean surroundings at tourist sites to enhance the aesthetic appeal and ensure the well-being of visitors and local communities.

The GMMB seeks more government support and funding to conserve Ghana’s cultural heritage and promote educational programmes through museums. The collaboration between government, philanthropists, and donors is essential for the preservation and promotion of Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.