This is why Kwadee’s mother has thwarted efforts by creatives to help her son

This is why Kwadee’s mother has thwarted efforts by creatives to help her son

Whenever concerns about the declining health of Ghanaian musician Okomfuor Kwadee surface online, many netizens criticize the perceived neglect from his peers and entertainment industry figures. Despite the expressed concern, critics argue that not enough substantial action is being taken to assist him in his time of need.

It has been reported that some industry figures have voiced frustrations, claiming that their efforts to support Kwadee have been hindered. Reports indicate that Kwadee’s mother has repeatedly blocked attempts from friends and industry stakeholders to intervene, leading to frustration among those trying to help.

Quick Action, a colleague and close friend of Kwadee, has acknowledged facing challenges in providing support. Other notable figures in the industry, including Abraham Ohene Djan, Ogunskele of 2Toff Fame, Hammer Nti of Pure FM, and Evangelist Lord Kenya, have also tried to secure medical assistance for Kwadee without success.

Ezekiel Aguyire, a relative of Kwadee, revealed in an interview with Joy FM’s Kwame Dadzie that his mother often prevents industry figures from helping her son due to his tendency to relapse into substance abuse after receiving assistance.

Kwadee is known for his distinctive rapping and singing style, along with his captivating storytelling ability, which sets him apart from his peers. Some of his well-known songs include ‘Abrantie,’ ‘Ofie Nipa,’ ‘Meko M’anim,’ ‘Yeko Mmaa Pe,’ ‘Ataa Adwoa,’ and ‘Boyz Boyz.’

Background information reveals that persistent reports have surfaced about Kwadee’s struggles with mental health issues and subsequent setbacks. In 2021, he was discharged from a rehabilitation facility and made a brief public appearance with a woman assumed to be his partner. In a concerning update in 2022, his mother disclosed that her son had been left at a rehabilitation center, a situation initially initiated by Lord Kenya in 2020.