Tony Bramwell dead aged 78: Paul McCartney leads tributes to music mogul who discovered Queen & helped manage Beatles

Tony Bramwell dead aged 78

The music industry is mourning the loss of a legendary figure as Tony Bramwell, who played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of The Beatles and Queen, has passed away at the age of 78.

Bramwell, a close friend of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, started as The Beatles’ road manager before becoming a music mogul in his own right.

His passing on June 2 comes after a brief illness, leaving a void in the music world, especially among his friends and colleagues.

Among those mourning his loss is Sir Paul McCartney, who fondly remembered Bramwell as a “good companion” in a heartfelt tribute.

McCartney’s sentimental message read: “Sad to hear of the passing of Tony Bramwell. He was a good companion to us through the Beatles journey. Always up for a laugh and I’m sorry to see him leave. Thanks Tony. Love ya! From Paul.”

Bramwell’s influence extended beyond The Beatles, as he also played a key role in the discovery of other iconic artists such as Queen and Paul Simon.

Bramwell’s contributions to the music industry were not limited to his work with The Beatles, as he continued to make significant impacts throughout his career.

In his later years, Bramwell remained an active presence at Liverpool’s International Beatleweek, where he was cherished by fans and fellow musicians alike.