Masked rapper C.Gambino, 26, shot dead in hail of bullets in ambush attack by gunmen at car park in Sweden

Masked rapper C. Gambino, 26, shot dead in hail of bullets in ambush attack by gunmen at car park in Sweden

Popular rapper C.Gambino tragically met his untimely demise in a shocking ambush attack that took place in Sweden. The masked artist, aged 26, was parked in a garage in Gothenburg when gunmen opened fire on him, resulting in fatal injuries.

He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries shortly after the incident. The Swedish police were alerted about the shooting near Selma Lagerlöf’s square in Hisingen on Tuesday evening.

According to police officer Thomas Fuxborg, the attackers were lying in wait for the rapper as he arrived to park his car in the area where he lived. The police discovered seven bullet marks on a glass door of the parking garage.

A yellow rose has been laid in front of the door as a tribute to the late artist. The Swedish police have initiated an investigation and are gathering information from local residents.

Jens Andersson, a police department spokesperson, mentioned that a witness had seen a car linked to the incident, and they are verifying the information. Another spokesperson, Annika Laag, added that they are collecting witness statements and continuing with the technical investigation.

Following the shooting, a police task force carried out a raid at an address in Gothenburg. Several individuals have been detained for questioning, but there are no specific suspects at this time.

C. Gambino was a prominent figure in the Swedish music scene, known for his successful albums like Sin City and In Memory of Some Stand Up Guys that dominated the charts. He was honored with the prestigious Swedish music award Grammis in May for being the Hip-Hop artist of the Year.