Teshie residents angry over abandoned CHPS compound

Teshie residents fume over abandoned CHPS compound

Residents of Teshie in the Ledzokuku constituency are frustrated over the abandonment of the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound.

According to one resident, the CHPS compound was previously occupied by an agency not affiliated with the health sector. The resident stated that the unrelated agency had moved out, and CHPS was expected to resume operations in the compound.

He expressed happiness at the news that the Member of Parliament was coming to commission the place, hoping that it would lead to the operationalization of the CHPS compound.

However, the local assembly had not been officially handed the project by the contractors, causing confusion and frustration on the day the compound was supposed to be officially opened. Another resident voiced frustration that the keys to the CHPS compound were being held by a local resident, rather than the Assemblyman.

Eric Odonkor, the former Ledzokuku Assembly member, stated that he was not aware of the situation at the CHPS compound and was not informed about the chaos surrounding its commissioning.

The lack of communication and coordination has left the community in a state of uncertainty and frustration. Residents are left waiting for answers and clarity on the future of the CHPS compound in Teshie.