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Injunction on NDC Primaries: ‘I have been left with no choice’ – Dr. Duffuor pulls out

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor has pulled out of the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s)  presidential race after back and forth over irregularities and fraud in the party’s voter’s register.

The ex-governor of the Bank of Ghana made this decision after coming to the conclusion that NDC’s leadership is not willing to resolve the matters he had raised amid a court injunction on the primaries.

Dr. Duffuor, who is also a former Finance Minister, made the declaration Friday evening at a press conference.

“I have been left with no choice but to withdraw from the Presidential election,” he said,  “as I cannot contest in an election which [inaudible] fraud and irregularities regardless of all my efforts to draw attention to save it.”

He continued: “As at this time, the party has begun distributing the ballot papers to the various regions and constituencies without our involvement.

I wish to reiterate my commitment to the party and grassroots, however, my concerns that the party is not ready to conduct free and fair elections is evident for all of us to see.”

Dr Duffuor emphasized that he would not participate in something that is openly corrupt.

“Taking part in such an event will be akin to knowingly drinking from a poisoned calabash,” he added.

The NDC Parliamentary primaries in being held today (Saturday, May 13, 2024) after Duffuor’s court injunction was lifted.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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