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Akufo-Addo angrily orders chief to stand during national anthem, social media react

Ghana's President, Nana Akufo-Addo shows his anger in public, and social media uers are cutting him up for his action.

President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo has been trending for more than 24 hours after showing his anger in public during the Ghana Green Day celebration on Friday (June 9).

Before the celebration, as tradition demands, the National Anthem of Ghana ought to be observed while standing.

However, one of the chiefs who attended the event did the opposite. His act was not appreciated by the President who ordered Henry Quartey, Greater Accra Regional Minister and Ayawaso Central MP, to call the chief to order.

His angry reaction to the chief’s behaviour was caught on camera and sent social media into a frenzy when it went viral online.

“Yet people will be patriotic on someone’s soil, you are a chief, so you are above the law or what? Do we see this in the Western world? Let’s be analytical and objective for once, this isn’t about the economy. What is wrong is wrong?” Instagram user Amo Suzanne voiced out.

Another user Brown Duffour supported Akufo Addo’s action, saying: “And he is right on this. I’ve been in a situation where I’m in the midst of other Ghanaians living in the States, the US anthem starts playing at a July 4 event, and they all stand shaaarp to sing the anthem.”

But other social media users, a majority of them, had a completely opposite reaction to the video; with many bashing Akufo-Addo for refusing to react to corruption and incompetence in his government the same way.

“Flashy but no substance. They’ll scream about standing for the national anthem, but not about stealing, fraud, deception, or selling off the future. Patriotism is caring for your country, caring about its future, caring about not stealing, caring for its citizens not flashy things that look good for fools,” Instagram user Annilator said.

Another user Malcolm Woods said: “Only if he was this serious about the corruption in his govt. The economy is in shambles, and people are suffering, yet still defending this sham govt, simply because of tribalistic politics. These “Leaders” didn’t just magically come to power, you voted for them. Politics & religion have so much in common. Their followers blindly follow & voluntarily fail to question anything that goes against their logic or sense.”

“I wish he was this serious with his ministers especially his cousin the finance minister when they mismanage state funds or show incompetence in office,” Instagram user Kwabena added.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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