Sammy Flex confirms Shatta Wale deleted ‘Konekt’ album from YouTube; explains the reason

Why Shatta Wale deleted ‘Konekt’ album from YouTube – Sammy Flex explains

Sammy Flex, the manager of popular Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, has confirmed that the musician made the decision to pull down his ‘Konekt’ album from YouTube.

This move came after Shatta Wale announced on Facebook that he had taken down the album due to financial disagreements with his collaborators.

The ‘Konekt’ album featured collaborations with artists such as Tekno and Bounty Killer, which added to the anticipation and excitement among Wale’s fans. However, the sudden removal of the album left many wondering about the reasons behind this decision.

On March 23, Sammy Flex took to Shatta Wale’s YouTube channel to provide an explanation for the album’s deletion.

He revealed that Shatta Wale was not satisfied with the financial arrangements and dynamics of the collaboration, prompting him to take action. Flex emphasized that Shatta Wale, as an independent artist who has invested significantly in his career, expects the same level of commitment and dedication from his collaborators.

According to Sammy Flex, removing the album from YouTube was a step towards addressing the issues and restoring normalcy after constructive discussions between the parties involved. He assured fans that the team is exploring other options to resolve the matter and hinted at behind-the-scenes solutions that could pave the way for a positive outcome.

Despite the album being taken down from YouTube, Sammy Flex urged fans to continue supporting Shatta Wale by streaming the music on alternative digital platforms like Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack, and Apple Music. He reiterated that this move does not signify the end of Shatta Wale’s opportunities, as the songs are still available on other platforms besides YouTube.

Sammy Flex expressed optimism about finding a resolution and reinstating the album on YouTube once the issues are addressed satisfactorily. He highlighted the importance of unity and collaboration in the music industry and assured fans that Shatta Wale’s music is accessible through various online channels.