Medikal quits Criss Waddle’s AMG Business label

After making a surprising announcement on social media, rapper Medikal has revealed that he is no longer a member of AMG Business record label.

In a tweet posted on X, the musician stated that he would not hesitate to slap anyone who refers to him as part of the AMG group.

The rapper, who rose to fame under the leadership of Criss Waddle in AMG, has enjoyed significant success in the music industry through his affiliation with the group.

However, it remains unclear what prompted his decision to part ways with AMG despite his accomplishments.

Medikal’s tweet declaring his exit from AMG read, ā€œIā€™m no longer a member of AMG. If you see me wey you talk AMG I go fi slap you! #BeyondKontrol.ā€

This announcement has left fans speculating about the reasons behind his departure from the group.

As the news continues to spread across social media platforms, many are eager to learn more about Medikal’s future plans and what led to his surprising departure from AMG.