Nacee is not a member of the TGMA board – Robert Klah denies Broda Sammy’s claims

Nacee is not a member of the TGMA board – Robert Klah denies Brother Sammy’s claims

Head of Public Events and Communications for Charter House, Robert Klah, has addressed the recent claims made by gospel musician Brother Sammy against his colleague, Nacee, in relation to the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA).

Brother Sammy had publicly stated that he believed he would not win any awards at the TGMA due to Nacee’s position as a board member of the awards scheme. However, Mr. Klah clarified during an interview with Doreen Avio on Daybreak Hitz that Nacee is not actually a part of the board members for the Telecel Music Awards.

“I think Nacee and Brother Sammy are two adults who obviously can solve things amongst themselves so I will leave it to them. Concerning the Board, I can confidently say Nacee is not part of the board members,” Mr. Klah stated.

He also challenged Brother Sammy to provide evidence to support his allegations, emphasizing the importance of truthfulness in such matters. Mr. Klah expressed disappointment with the implications of Broda Sammy’s claims, highlighting that “suspicion is different from reality.”

Furthermore, Mr. Klah assured individuals who had petitioned for corrections on their nominations for the Telecel Music Awards to be patient as the team has addressed their concerns and will reach out soon.