God writes hit songs – Kelvynboy

Kelvyn Boy discusses the unpredictability of song success

Ghanaian artist Kelvyn Boy has recently opened up about the uncertain nature of determining the success of a song.

The singer-songwriter explained that the process of creating a hit song is more about feeling and imagination rather than a surefire formula.

Kelvyn Boy emphasized that while talent and the grace of God play crucial roles in an artist’s journey, ultimately, the success of a song is in the hands of a higher power. He stressed that success is predetermined and not solely dependent on human effort or expertise.

Despite facing criticism for his unique sound, Kelvynboy expressed gratitude for carving his own path in the music industry. He pointed to songs like “Vero,” “Mea,” and “Yawa No Dey” as examples of instant hits, mainly due to the issues they addressed.

The artist also mentioned that his songs often take time to resonate with the audience due to their distinctive nature. For instance, “Pilolo” took five months to gain widespread popularity.

Kelvyn Boy further revealed that he is actively involved in the production process of his songs, as he has a clear vision of the sound he wants to achieve.

His latest release, “On My Way,” showcases his independent Highlife/Afrobeats style and continues to garner attention in the music scene.