Find good PR persons to save your brands in times of crisis – Andrew Ackah to artistes

Find good PR persons to save your brands in times of crisis – Andrew Ackah to artistes

Marketing expert Andrew Ackah recently shared valuable insights on how to salvage the reputation of artists when they face scandals or mishaps. During an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Andrew emphasized the importance of engaging PR professionals to effectively manage any negative publicity.

According to Andrew, the key to rectifying a tarnished image lies in being transparent and honest with the public. He highlighted the significance of crafting a sincere message and outlining a clear strategy for moving forward. Andrew stressed that PR is not just about language but about appealing to people’s emotions and conscience.

In addition to crisis management, Andrew advised artists to proactively engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives and share their opinions on societal issues. He recommended allocating a portion of their earnings towards PR services to ensure proper representation and reputation management.

Andrew Ackah, the CEO of Dentsu Ghana, has a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising. With an MBA in Marketing from the University of Ghana and a background in Economics and Geography, Andrew has worked with leading brands and spearheaded groundbreaking campaigns. As the current President of the Advertising Association of Ghana, Andrew is committed to upholding industry standards and advocating for the passage of the first advertising bill.