AY Poyoo fights ex-manager over earnings

Ay Poyoo fights ex-manager over earnings

Ghanaian viral sensation AY Poyoo has found himself in a dispute with his former manager.

The artist took to social media to express his frustration over his manager’s decision to remove all his songs from online platforms.

In a self-recorded video, AY Poyoo revealed that he has suffered significant losses and a decline in income due to his music being taken down. He attributed this action to internal issues with his management team.

The talented artist emphasized his desire for a fair negotiation on compensation and revenue sharing, to ensure that all parties benefit from his music’s success. However, AY Poyoo claimed that his former manager has been solely profiting from his craft.

By making this issue public, AY Poyoo aims to shed light on the challenges faced by emerging artists in the music industry. He is determined to regain control of his music and secure his rightful share of earnings.

This controversy highlights the complex dynamics between artists and their management teams in the music industry. It also raises important questions about transparency, fairness, and artist empowerment.