I have earned nothing in Ghana’s music industry; I’m broke -AY Poyoo

VIDEO: I almost died – AY Poyoo on split with former label

Ghanaian artist AY Poyoo has recently shared his struggles after his entire music catalogue was removed from online platforms following a dispute with his former management team, Aborga Records.

The popular “Goat” sensation decided to terminate his contract with Aborga Records due to differences in career plans and personal preferences. The official announcement of their split was made on March 23, 2024.

Under their agreement, Aborga Records retains the rights to all songs produced during their contract and is seeking to recoup investments totaling GH₵20,622.

AY Poyoo expressed his frustration, stating, “You tell someone you have the biggest song in Ghana, he asks the title of the song and you have to tell him that the song has been deleted by your former management. It means you and your management are fools.”

The artist, whose real name is Emmanuel Yeboah, opened up about the impact of the removal of his songs on his career and financial stability. He highlighted the struggles of starting over from scratch and the financial implications of losing his online presence and income.

AY Poyoo emphasized the need for a fairer system in the music industry that ensures equal profit sharing and rights protection for artists, especially in cases of parting ways with management teams. He called for a more transparent and collaborative approach to prevent such situations from happening.

Despite these setbacks, AY Poyoo signed a new contract with Nigeria’s TMY Empire in November 2023, signaling a fresh start in his career. He continues to work on projects and expand his network in Nigeria as he navigates the challenges of the music industry.