Afro-Gospel music started with me – Joseph Matthew

Afro-gospel music started with me – Joseph Matthew

Ghanaian gospel artist Joseph Matthew is making waves in the music industry with his innovative fusion of African rhythms and Christian messages, defining a new genre known as Afro-Gospel music.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeekend, Joseph Matthew shared that he is the pioneer of this genre, combining elements of Hiplife and gospel music to create a unique sound.

His music has garnered international recognition, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in both the Ghanaian and UK gospel music scenes. Known for his inspirational lyrics and catchy rhythms, Joseph Matthew’s songs resonate with Christians around the world.

Since releasing his debut single “Hallelujah” in January 2019, Joseph Matthew has continued to make an impact with tracks like “Nyame Ye,” “My Story,” “Not Alone,” “The Name,” and “Blessed,” which earned him the title of ‘Best Gospel Song of the Year UK’ at the 2023 Ghana Music Awards UK.

With his latest release, “Promise Land,” Joseph Matthew continues to push the boundaries of Afro-Gospel music, cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in the industry.