Oscar rules updated for 2025 awards

Oscar rules updated for 2025 awards

The Academy Awards, commonly known as the Oscars, have announced new rules and regulations for the upcoming 97th ceremony scheduled for March 2.

One significant change is in the original score category, where up to three composers can now receive individual Oscars if they contribute significantly to a film’s music. This is a departure from previous rules that required composers to submit as a group.

The definition of a group has been clarified to include recognized bands, and the shortlist for this category has been expanded from 15 to 20 titles. Furthermore, drive-in theaters will no longer be considered a qualifying venue for Oscars eligibility, a measure that was temporarily adopted in 2020 due to the closure of indoor movie theaters.

In order for a film to be considered for the best picture category, it must meet the expanded theatrical requirements announced in 2023. This includes a one-week qualifying run in one of six U.S. markets, such as Dallas-Fort Worth, followed by a seven-day run in 10 of the top 50 U.S. markets within 45 days of the initial release.

Films must also submit the Academy Representation and Inclusion Standards Entry form and meet at least two of the four standards. Additionally, the submission of the final shooting script is now mandatory for consideration in the screenplay categories.

Animated films eligible for the best international feature category can also be considered for best animated feature if they meet the requirements for both categories. The eligibility period for the international feature has been updated from Nov. 1, 2023, to Sept. 30, 2024.

Changes have also been made to the Governors Awards, with the renaming of two awards at the Scientific and Technical Awards. The complete rules and regulations for the 97th Academy Awards can be found on the Academy’s website.

As the movie season approaches, key dates for submissions have been outlined, including deadlines for various categories like Animated Short Film, Documentary Feature Film, and Best Picture.

The Oscars continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the film industry, ensuring a fair and inclusive platform for recognizing outstanding cinematic achievements.