Alexis Sharkey

What happened to Instagram influencer Alexis Sharkey?

In a harrowing turn of events, another tragedy has struck the family of Instagram influencer Alexis Sharkey.

A year after Alexis was found dead on the side of a Texas road, her husband, Tom Sharkey, was discovered dead in his daughter’s home in Fort Myers with a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

The investigation into Alexis’s death took a dark turn on October 6, 2021, when Tom Sharkey was found dead. Tom was allegedly wanted in connection with Alexis’s strangulation in 2020, although he had not yet been charged at the time of his death.

Alexis Sharkey went missing after an argument with an unidentified individual believed to be her husband, according to her mother, Stacey Robinault. Stacey revealed that Alexis had last been in touch with friends around 6pm on November 27, before all calls to her phone went straight to voicemail.

The shocking disappearance of Alexis Sharkey raised concerns among her loved ones, with her mother expressing suspicion of foul play even before Alexis’s body was discovered. Houston Police later confirmed that Alexis had been strangled.

Authorities revealed that Tom had been uncooperative and deceptive with investigators and that there was a history of domestic violence in his relationship with Alexis. Reports also indicated that Alexis had spoken of divorce prior to her death.

Friends of Alexis recalled how she had confided in them about her plans to separate from Tom, and how her demeanor had changed in the months leading up to her disappearance. The couple had been approaching their first anniversary when Alexis tragically lost her life.

The circumstances surrounding Alexis Sharkey’s death will be the subject of an ITV true crime documentary series titled TikTok: Murder Gone Viral. The series aims to delve into the personality behind the social media influencer.

Alexis Sharkey went missing on Black Friday, November 27, 2020, sparking a widespread search for her whereabouts. Her body was eventually found naked on the side of a road, with no apparent injuries visible. The discovery of her remains sent shockwaves through her followers on Instagram, where she had amassed a significant following.

Following Alexis’s tragic death, her husband Tom paid tribute to her on social media, referring to her as his ‘world’. However, reports have since emerged alleging that Alexis had confided in friends about being abused by Tom.

The details surrounding the deaths of Alexis and Tom Sharkey continue to unravel as investigators delve deeper into the circumstances leading up to their tragic demise.

The untimely loss of this young couple has left many questioning the reality behind social media personas and the true stories that often lie beyond the surface.