2 former GIS staff fraudulently paid 89,000 Ghana cedis

Two ex-employees of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) in Koforidua in the Eastern Region were wrongfully paid a total salary of GHS89,789.68 for three months.

TUC raises concerns over increase in number of casual workers

The Trades Union Congress is displeased about the increasing change of the status of Ghanaian workers in the private sector from permanent staff to contract or casual workers.

Ghanaian Uber drivers go on strike over 25% commission

The Uber drivers in Ghana argue that the percentage given to Uber is unfair and every attempt to resolve this amicably has failed hence their protest.

IMF to release $236m to Ghana in May

The IMF should be releasing about two hundred and thirty-six million dollars to Ghana under the agreement with the Fund, by the first week of May this year.

JEROME KUSEH: Why debt doesn’t have to be a dirty word

Debt is too often viewed as an indication that one is unable to save, unable to live within his/her means or impatient in acquiring the finer things in life., writes iGhanaian Blogger, Jerome Kuseh.

Gov’t cautioned against increasing NHIL by tax experts

According to William Demitia, a tax expert, increase in consumption tax such as the NHIL, if not properly examined, could cause inflationary pressures that may see prices of goods and services up.

Ghana’s vision, performance inspires other African countries – IMF

Abebe Selasie, Deputy Director in charge of Africa at World Bank said, “[Ghana]’s new vision and the impressive work done so far is an inspiration to all of Africa. Keep on track”.

Underpricing ‘killing’ utility providers in sub-Saharan Africa – World Bank

The World Bank has identified under pricing as the biggest threat to the survival of utility companies providing electricity, in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mobile money interoperability starts on May 10

Deputy Minister of Communication, George Andah said Mobile Money Interoperability will be rolled from May 10, 2018.

Ghana’s debt nears distress levels – World Bank

Ghana stands a high risk of returning to debt distress situation if…