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Why Ayra Starr should make her skirts shorter – Tiwa Savage explains

Renowned Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has recently shared her admiration for rising artist Ayra Starr, particularly applauding her daring fashion sense. In an interview with Kiss FM in the UK, Savage expressed her obsession with the young Afrobeats sensation, commending her talent and authenticity.

Despite facing criticism for her short skirts, Savage stood by Starr, encouraging her to embrace her unique style even more. Drawing from her own past experiences of being scrutinized for her provocative fashion and lyrical content, Savage empathized with Starr, noting, “When I started, I got criticized a lot for dressing too sexy and my lyrics being too risky.”

Refusing to bow to critics, Savage suggested that Starr should push the boundaries further by making her skirts even shorter, unapologetically advocating for artistic freedom. Despite the challenges and judgment, Starr continues to shine on the global music scene, with Savage praising her resilience and exceptional talent.

“Seeing someone like Ayra now, if I see her wearing the short skirts as they [critics] say, I’m like, ‘Make it shorter,’” Savage boldly declared. She concluded by affirming Starr’s star quality, stating, “And she looks amazing, she’s extremely talented. Yeah, she’s a star.”

Ayra Starr’s bold and unapologetic approach to fashion and music has garnered attention and acclaim, with fellow artists like Tiwa Savage recognizing and celebrating her individuality.