Titanic ‘door’ prop that kept Rose alive sells for $718,750

Titanic ‘door’ prop that kept Rose alive sells for $718,750

The iconic piece of wood that kept Rose DeWitt Bukater alive in the movie Titanic has recently been sold at auction for a staggering $718,750 (£569,739). This floating panel has been the subject of much debate among fans, with many speculating whether it could have accommodated both Rose and Jack, played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, respectively.

The prop, part of a door frame, was auctioned off as part of a collection of props and costumes owned by Planet Hollywood. In the film, Jack sacrifices himself for Rose, insisting the panel was only big enough for her to stay afloat. This tragic scene has sparked controversy over the years, with director James Cameron even receiving criticism for the decision to let Jack die.

Despite the speculation, auctioneers Heritage Auctions confirmed that the prop, often mistaken for a door, was based on a real piece of debris salvaged from the actual Titanic. Measuring approximately 8 feet long and 41 inches wide, the panel was designed to resemble the original artifact.

Other items featured in the auction included the whip from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, selling for $525,000, and a Spiderman suit worn by Toby Maguire, which went for $125,000. The auction raised a total of $15.68 million, making it one of the most successful sales of prop and costume collections to date.

Joseph Maddalena of Heritage Auctions described the event as a success, with numerous bidding wars taking place throughout the evening.