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T-Pain involved in hit-and-run, warns culprit he’ll find them

T-Pain, the famous singer and rapper, recently had a scary encounter with a hit-and-run driver. In a post shared on his Instagram account, he expressed his frustration and issued a stern warning to the person responsible.

The incident occurred as T-Pain was making his way home from the airport. In the video shared on Instagram, he showcased the aftermath of the hit-and-run and made it clear that he was not happy about the situation.

Despite being uninjured, T-Pain made it known that he was not going to take the incident lightly. He joked about the situation in the comments, but also mentioned that his road manager needed to go to the hospital for injuries.


T-Pain seemed to be more upset about the fact that the driver fled the scene rather than the actual collision. He mentioned that the driver left behind evidence that would help identify them, and vowed to seek revenge.