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Segun Arinze reveals why he stayed single for 12 years after his first marriage

Renowned Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze, recently revealed the reasons behind his twelve-year hiatus from marriage following the end of his first marriage. Arinze, who is now 58 years old, tied the knot with actress Anne Njemanze in 1996, but their union came to an end just a year later in 1997.

After taking a break from matrimony, Arinze found love again in 2008 when he married Julie. The couple now shares three beautiful children together.

During an interview on the WithChude podcast, Arinze shared, “I was confused about finding the right person” after his divorce from Njemanze. He confessed to being involved in numerous relationships until he prayed to God in 2007 for a wife. Arinze admitted that he initially chose to remain silent about his failed marriage because not everything needs to be shared with the public.

“I stayed away from marriage after my first one ended. I stayed single for about twelve years before remarrying in 2008. It wasn’t that I had given up on marriage, I was just unsure about finding the right partner,” Arinze explained.

Describing the moment he finally found his soulmate, Arinze recounted attending a wedding where he laid eyes on a beautiful woman. After asking his PA to retrieve her contact details, he mustered the courage to approach her, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“We have been married for sixteen years now and have three lovely children. She is not only my wife but also my legal adviser,” Arinze shared warmly.

Despite his silence on the matter, Arinze made it clear that he preferred to keep the details of his failed marriage private. Reflecting on the past, he emphasized that everyone has their own personal struggles and that some aspects of life are best left undisclosed.