Man attempts 150-hour ironing marathon to break GWR record

Nigerian man attempts 150-hour ironing marathon to break GWR record

A man from Nigeria has taken on the challenge of breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest marathon ironing session.

This passionate individual has set out to surpass the current record of 100 hours, which individuals from Australia and Britain achieved.

The ironing marathon began on April 22, 2024, showcasing the man’s dedication and thorough preparation for this feat.

With approval from Guinness for his attempt, he is adhering to strict guidelines that include a 30-second limit for selecting materials to iron and a mandatory five-minute rest after each hour of ironing.

After months of anticipation, the man’s application to Guinness World Records was officially approved, allowing him to pursue this extraordinary endeavor.

He is determined to outdo the current record holders and leave his mark in the world of ironing history.