Model sues over Cannes red carpet ‘assault’

Model sues over Cannes red carpet ‘assault’

A Ukrainian model has filed a legal complaint against Cannes Film Festival organisers after being manhandled by a security guard on the red carpet.

Sawa Pontyjska, a presenter for FashionTV, was restrained as she tried to enter the cinema with a legitimate ticket for the premiere of Marcello Mio. She described the incident as “brutal” and is seeking 100,000 euros in damages for physical assault, psychological damage, and harm to her reputation.

The video of the altercation, which took place on May 21, has garnered over 16 million views on TikTok. In the footage, Pontyjska is seen being ushered in by the guard, who then puts both arms around her. A struggle ensues, and Pontyjska almost falls before being taken inside by more security personnel.

Pontyjska recounted feeling scared and being put in a “bear hug” by the guard. Despite reaching out to the organisers for an apology, she has not received a response. The legal complaint mentioned that she was violently challenged in front of thousands of people, causing acute pain and psychological trauma.

The same guard faced criticism for other incidents during the festival, including a heated exchange with singer Kelly Rowland and an argument with South Korean actress Yoona. Cannes is known for its strict rules on the red carpet, and attendees are often rushed through the proceedings.

In the aftermath of these events, it is essential to ensure the safety and respect of all guests at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival. The incident has sparked conversations about security protocols and the treatment of celebrities on the red carpet.