Law firm distances itself from Mohbad’s son’s alleged DNA test

Law firm distances itself from Mohbad’s son’s alleged DNA test

Salawu, Akingbolu & Co., the legal representatives of Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi Aloba, have strongly refuted claims made by a UK-based Nigerian blogger, Bukky Jesse.

The blogger alleged that the law firm collaborated with Latona Hospital and Lagoon Hospital in Lagos to conduct a DNA test on Mohbad’s 11-month-old son, Liam.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the law firm dismissed the accusations as baseless and unfounded. They emphasized that they are reputable litigation lawyers and have never engaged in medical procedures like DNA testing.

The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death has been ongoing since he passed away on September 12, 2023. Various issues have emerged, including questions about Liam’s paternity, Mohbad’s reburial, allegations against Wunmi Aloba, unclaimed royalties, and assets.

Mohbad’s father, who has expressed doubts about Liam’s paternity, denied allegations that he requested a DNA test for his grandson. He clarified that it was Wunmi Aloba who suggested the test.

The law firm reiterated their commitment to upholding professional ethics and integrity in their legal practice. They urged the public to disregard the false claims made by Bukky Jesse, whom they described as an attention-seeking individual spreading misinformation for personal gain.

Regarding the ongoing coroner’s inquest into Mohbad’s death, delays in obtaining autopsy results have stalled the process of his reburial. Wunmi Aloba’s father-in-law has insisted on waiting for the autopsy results before proceeding with the burial.

The statement released by Salawu, Akingbolu & Co. condemned the blogger’s allegations as baseless and aimed at tarnishing their reputation. They emphasized that they are focused on legal issues and will not be swayed by false accusations.