Lady calls for ban on movie production in Asaba amidst actor Junior Pope’s death

Lady calls for ban on movie production in Asaba amid actor Junior Pope’s death

A Nigerian lady, known as @judasofbead01 on TikTok, recently shared a disturbing experience she had with a movie producer on Instagram.

Promised a role in an upcoming film, she eagerly traveled to Asaba, Delta state, only to be asked for a registration fee of N200,000 upon her arrival.

Despite paying the fee, she was never given any role in a movie and even faced uncomfortable advances during her stay.

Expressing her frustration and concern about exploitation in the industry, she called for government intervention, citing recent tragedies like the fatal boat accident involving Junior Pope and others returning from a movie shoot in the Anam River.

In a video shared on TikTok, @judasofbead01 expressed her disappointment and called for Asaba to be banned for movie production.