“15 songs and 6 features” – Davido spills the tea on new album

I call my music Afrofusion not Afrobeats – Davido

Nigerian music sensation Davido has made it clear that he prefers to categorize his music as Afrofusion, distancing himself from the commonly used term Afrobeat.

The term Afrobeat, which Fela Kuti popularized, has become a catch-all term for African music in general, regardless of the specific genre or style.

Davido expressed his frustration with this labeling trend, noting that artists with diverse musical styles are often lumped under the Afrobeat category, whether they lean towards R&B like SZA or rap styles similar to Drake.

Many African musicians share Davido’s sentiment, feeling restricted by being classified solely under the umbrella term of Afrobeats, regardless of their unique musical expressions. Artists such as Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Fireboy have also criticized this classification in the past.

During an appearance on the Business Untitled Podcast, Davido highlighted the global acceptance of African music, particularly by the UK and later the US, which initially coined the term Afrobeats.

Despite the convenience of having a genre label, Davido emphasized that his music, which he refers to as Afrofusion, encompasses a blend of influences that transcend a single genre.

While Davido does not take offense to being categorized as Afrobeats, he believes that nuanced genre distinctions are necessary to accurately represent the diverse musical landscape within the African music industry.