‘How I conquered pornography’ – Bishop Oyedepo’s son reveals

‘How I conquered p0rn0graphy’ – Bishop Oyedepo’s son reveals

Isaac Oyedepo, the son of renowned Bishop David Oyedepo, recently opened up about his battle with p0rn0graphy addiction in a candid podcast interview.

He shared details of his personal journey and highlighted the significant role that faith played in his recovery process.

Isaac revealed that his addiction to p0rn0graphy began during a trip to Europe, where he was exposed to explicit content while alone in a hotel room. Despite initially being drawn to it, he attributed his quick recovery to divine intervention, emphasizing the power of grace and mercy in overcoming such struggles.

During the interview, Isaac emphasized the importance of open dialogue and the support of networks in dealing with addiction. He expressed regret that he did not have guidance from someone who had successfully overcome similar challenges, as it could have hastened his recovery.

Acknowledging the widespread issue of pornography addiction, Isaac pointed out that even religious leaders and church members are not immune to such struggles. He challenged the misconception that outward success equates to spiritual righteousness, calling for introspection and humility among individuals.

Isaac encouraged those facing similar challenges to seek help and reminded them that grace and mercy are always available.