“What a man cannot do a sabi girl can do better” – Ayra Starr links up with Rihanna

Ayra Starr reacts to Chris Brown tour criticism

Ayra Starr, the Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, has boldly declared her willingness to face any criticism regarding her decision to open for American musician Chris Brown on his upcoming US tour.

The controversial history surrounding Chris Brown, particularly his highly publicized assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has not deterred Starr from accompanying him on tour.

The assault incident in 2009 resulted in Brown being sentenced to five years’ probation and a community service order.

Despite the potential backlash that Starr may receive for touring with Brown, she remains undeterred.

In an interview on the BBC’s Focus on Africa podcast, Starr emphasized her readiness for any criticism, stating, “I’m prepared, I’m ready… I won’t respond, I’ll let people do their thing and I’m just going to work.”

While acknowledging Rihanna as her “queen,” Starr emphasized her focus on separating her work and personal preferences.

She expressed her admiration for Rihanna and her desire to collaborate with the Barbados-born icon in the future, saying, “Rihanna is my number one, and I would like to collaborate with her by God’s grace.”

Having quickly risen to fame as one of Africa’s most popular musicians, Starr recently completed recording her second album, titled “The Year I Turned 21.”