BBNaija Rachel Edwards

Asking for a DNA test is an offence – BBNaija Rachel Edwards

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Rachel Edwards has found herself in hot water after sharing her thoughts on paternity tests, sparking backlash and criticism from fans.

The controversy began on March 24, 2024, when Edwards responded to a tweet about DNA tests, stating, “Asking your wife for a DNA Test should be a criminal offence, if you don’t trust her, why marry her in the first place?”

This statement sparked a flurry of reactions from social media users, with one person responding, “9 months your mother could have used for another BSc or PhD, but she carried you in her womb only for you to lack sense.”

Others joined in with comments like, “BBN girls never seem to have sense, not surprised,” and “If someone taps your head, it will echo, there’s nothing inside.”

One user questioned Edwards about men who discover the child isn’t theirs after marrying in trust, to which another user fired back, “Asking your husband why he comes home late should also be a criminal offence if you don’t trust him, why marry him?”

The criticism continued to pour in with remarks such as, “Why do Big Brother girls lack sense?” and “If only your dad had listened, we wouldn’t have to deal with you.”