Anne Hathaway had miscarriage while acting as pregnant woman

Anne Hathaway had miscarriage while acting as pregnant woman

Anne Hathaway, the renowned actress, recently shared a deeply personal experience of miscarriage while portraying a pregnant character on stage back in 2015.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Hathaway revealed that her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage while she was performing in a play that required her to give birth on stage every night. Despite the emotional turmoil she was going through, she managed to keep up appearances during the six-week show, only confiding in close friends backstage.

The play, titled Grounded, featured Hathaway as a pilot who becomes pregnant, necessitating her to act out the process of childbirth night after night. It was during this intense period that she faced the heartbreaking loss of her pregnancy. However, Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman later welcomed their first son, Jonathan, in March 2016.

In a candid Instagram post in July 2019, Hathaway announced her second pregnancy while also addressing the challenges of fertility and conception. She emphasized the struggles she had faced in getting pregnant and expressed solidarity with others going through similar difficulties.

Hathaway’s openness about her experiences with miscarriage and fertility issues has sparked important conversations around these topics. She admitted to feeling isolated and unaware of the commonality of miscarriages before her own experience. By sharing her story, she hopes to break the stigma and provide support to others facing similar struggles.

Since the miscarriage, Hathaway has given birth to her second son, Jack, in November 2019. She continues to advocate for open discussions about fertility challenges and pregnancy loss, offering empathy and understanding to those who are going through such difficult moments.