Rust: Alec Baldwin had ‘no control’ of emotions on set, prosecutors allege

Alec Baldwin had ‘no control’ of emotions on set, prosecutors allege

Alec Baldwin’s legal troubles continue to escalate as prosecutors argue that he was unable to control his emotions on the set of the film Rust, where a tragic incident led to the death of a cinematographer. In a court filing, prosecutor Kari Morrissey alleges that Baldwin “shamelessly lied” and changed his story multiple times after the shooting.

The incident occurred in October 2021 when Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot by a gun that Baldwin was holding on the Rust set. Baldwin, who is set to go on trial for involuntary manslaughter in July, has denied the charge against him.

Morrissey claims that Baldwin’s erratic behavior and frequent outbursts contributed to safety compromises on set, leading to the tragic outcome. Witnesses have testified to Baldwin screaming and cursing for no apparent reason, creating a chaotic environment.

The 66-year-old actor was practicing with a Colt .45 pistol before filming a scene for Rust when the gun discharged, fatally striking Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. Baldwin has maintained that he did not pull the trigger, only drawing back the hammer, but the prosecutor argues that this claim is “absurd” and inconsistent with Baldwin’s initial interviews.

The legal representatives for Alec Baldwin have been approached for comment on the latest court filing, but no response has been received at the time of reporting. The case continues to garner attention as more details emerge about the tragic events that unfolded on the Rust set.