Who was Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

Who was Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes appeared to have a picture-perfect life: a loving son, a devoted new husband, a successful career, and a stunning Victorian mansion.

But things took a dark turn, as explored in a true crime 20/20 episode on February 23, 2024.

Who was Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes crossed paths with David Tronnes in the realm of online dating. Their relationship took root on Match.com in 2013, and despite David’s residence in Minnesota, he later relocated to Orlando, Florida, to be closer to Shanti. In April 2015, he acquired a $600,000 Victorian-style home on East Copeland Drive, placing it in a trust under his mother’s name.

The spacious 4,000-square-foot house boasted unique features like gargoyle accents, a pool, and a garage apartment. Originally, Shanti operated her financial software business from an upstairs home office but expressed a desire for a more modern dwelling. The couple decided to embark on renovations, with David overseeing the process. He had shared with Shanti that he inherited a substantial sum, ranging from $4 to $6 million, from his father, rendering work unnecessary.

The relationship progressed, culminating in their marriage in 2017. However, the facade of happiness began to crumble within months of the union. Despite not being on the home’s deed, Shanti was covering the $250,000 renovation costs and shouldering most living expenses. Friends later revealed that David, who projected wealth, was actually a miser, and his entire persona was a facade.

By March 2018, the strained relationship and ongoing renovations had rendered their home nearly uninhabitable. Shanti and David slept in separate areas of the house, indicating the depths of their discord. Seeking assistance, David approached his neighbor, Keith Ori, a home renovator featured on the A&E reality show Zombie House Flipping.

Ori, intrigued by the extent of the disarray in the couple’s home, agreed to take on the renovation, provided they allowed the process to be filmed for the show. In mid-April, he returned to confirm their willingness, but Shanti’s immediate departure signaled her displeasure. Little did anyone anticipate that this would escalate beyond a domestic dispute or a disagreement over renovations. Within days, Shanti would meet a tragic end, and David would emerge as the primary suspect.