Who happened to Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

Who happened to Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

Shanti Cooper-Tronnes appeared to have a picture-perfect life: a loving son, a devoted new husband, a successful career, and a stunning Victorian mansion.

But things took a dark turn, as explored in a true crime 20/20 episode on February 23, 2024.

What transpired with Shanti Cooper-Tronnes?

On April 24, 2018, David Tronnes dialed 911, reporting the discovery of his wife, Shanti, in distress.

Expressing distress, he informed the operator, “My wife. I found my wife, she’s not breathing.” Despite attempting CPR, he couldn’t revive her.

Responders, upon reaching the Delaney Park home, declared Shanti dead at the age of 39. David, appearing distraught, voluntarily accompanied them to the Orlando Police Department without legal representation.

Detectives Teresa Sprague and Barb Sharp conducted a 14-hour interview, revealing inconsistencies in David’s account. He claimed to have walked the dogs and found Shanti in the tub upon returning, citing a possible accident. However, Shanti’s injuries contradicted his narrative, showing signs of severe head trauma and strangulation, as per the autopsy.

Despite the extended interrogation, David insisted on his innocence and consented to a polygraph test. The absence of a last-minute examiner led to his release.

Detective Sprague remarked on David’s apparent lack of remorse during the interview, pointing out the absence of genuine tears for Shanti’s death.

Months of investigation uncovered David’s financial dependence on Shanti. Friends informed police of his financial struggles and reluctance to contribute adequately to household expenses. Contrary to his claims, David was financially stable, inheriting a substantial sum and being the sole beneficiary of Shanti’s life insurance.

Forensic evidence pinpointed the murder scene in the couple’s bedroom. Disturbing photos showcased Shanti’s injuries, including a cracked skull and signs of violent strangulation.

Authorities alleged that David, overwhelmed by Shanti’s discovery of his lies and her refusal to fund additional renovations or participate in a reality TV show, reached a breaking point, leading to her tragic demise.