"MAN OF GOD" All we know about Robert Shinn and where he is now

Where is Robert Shinn now?

Netflix released the documentary Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult on May 29, 2024, shedding light on the controversial figure Robert Shinn and his involvement with the 7M TikTok Cult.

Robert Shinn is known as the pastor of the Los Angeles-based Shekinah Church, founded in 1994. He is also the co-founder of 7M, a talent management company established in 2021. 7M has represented popular TikTok dancers like BDash and Miranda Derrick.

Despite the success of 7M, concerns arose when family members of the company’s clients noticed a detachment from their loved ones. In a 2022 Instagram Live, Derrick’s family accused 7M of controlling their lives, leading to Derrick missing her grandfather’s funeral and marrying BDash in secret. However, Shinn and 7M denied the allegations, dismissing them as publicity stunts.

As of May 2024, Robert Shinn continues to serve as the pastor of Shekinah Church and co-founder of 7M. In 2023, a civil lawsuit was filed against Shinn, claiming he was running a cult. Former 7M dancers, along with other members, accused Shinn of manipulation and control.

Netflix’s Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult explores the allegations against Shinn and delves into the formation of 7M and its members. Directed by Serek Donnen, the documentary features interviews with former 7M members and their families, providing insight into the dark realities behind the organization.

The series concludes with the revelation that Shinn’s civil case is ongoing, with a trial set for 2025. Despite the denials from Shinn and his co-defendants, the documentary offers a compelling look at the controversy surrounding the 7M TikTok Cult.