Where is John Smith now?

Where is John Smith now?

John Smith, a seemingly unassuming and ordinary man, has been revealed to be a cold-blooded killer in a shocking new Dateline special.

Airing on Friday, April 26, 2024, and available for streaming the following day, NBC Dateline’s Chameleon explores the murders committed by John Smith, shedding light on how some of his victims have yet to see justice served.

Smith’s sinister double life began to unravel when he was convicted of killing his first wife, Janice Hartman, in 1974. Despite a rocky relationship with Hartman, Smith’s outward appearance hid the horrific crimes he was capable of. In 2019, Smith was indicted on charges for the murder of his second wife, Betty Fran Gladden-Smith, further cementing his status as a dangerous and manipulative individual.

The discovery of Hartman’s remains in a makeshift coffin in 1980 shocked authorities, but it was not until Smith’s confession in 1999 that the truth about her murder came to light. Smith’s third wife played a crucial role in his conviction, testifying against him in court. In July 2001, Smith was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for Hartman’s murder.

Despite the evidence against him, Smith’s involvement in Gladden-Smith’s murder remained a mystery for years. It wasn’t until 2019, when he confessed to the crime while incarcerated, that the truth about her disappearance was revealed. Smith admitted to disposing of Gladden-Smith’s body in an industrial dumpster, a chilling revelation that shocked her family and friends.

Presently, John Smith remains incarcerated for the murder of Hartman. Despite briefly being indicted for the murder of Gladden-Smith, the case was ultimately dismissed, leaving many unanswered questions surrounding Smith’s actions.

Authorities, as well as the families of his victims, continue to seek justice for those who lost their lives at the hands of this ruthless killer.