Was Larry ‘The Barfly’ axed? Everything we know about the death of beloved Simpsons character

Was Larry ‘The Barfly’ axed?

The highly anticipated episode of The Simpsons that aired recently, much to the chagrin of fans, which saw the axing of a beloved character, Larry ‘The Barfly’.

This move by the producers of the long-standing animated series has left loyal viewers in an uproar.

Larry, also known as ‘The Barfly’, was a minor character who made his debut on the show way back in 1989 during the premiere of season one. Despite his limited lines and background appearances, Larry was a familiar face at Moe’s Tavern, often seen enjoying a pint.

In the recent episode titled “Cremains of the Day,” the shocking plot twist unfolded, resulting in Larry’s untimely demise at Moe’s Tavern. His passing was marked by a funeral scene attended by longtime drinking buddies Homer, Lenny, and Carl, along with Moe. Surprisingly, it was revealed that despite their time spent together at the bar, the characters did not share a deep connection with Larry, leading Homer to question their moral character.

The decision to kill off Larry in season 35 episode 15, the 176th episode overall, was a bold move by the producers. Co-executive producer Tim Long expressed that the intention was to shake up viewers and elicit strong emotions, emphasizing that even minor characters hold significance in the show’s universe.

While fans took to social media to express their disappointment and shock over Larry’s demise, producers have defended their choice, stating that the impact of such a death underscores the show’s enduring popularity. Despite the backlash, producers are urging fans to remain calm, assuring them that major characters like Barney or Moe are safe for now.

The death of Larry ‘The Barfly’ marks another significant event in the world of The Simpsons, following a recent murder spree in Springfield in a different episode.