Renowned actress and politician, Hilda Dokubo, has spoken out about the current state of insecurity and hunger in Nigeria, stating that Nigerians are being mistreated by the government.

Dokubo expressed her concerns, saying, “When the true purpose of something is not understood, it is bound to be misused. This is exactly the situation we find ourselves in now. Nigerians are being mistreated. We are being compared to countries that do not have the same resources as us, yet our citizens are facing greater hardships.

The government overlooks the fact that in some of these countries with oil, their people do not pay as much for fuel as we do. If our government provided us with the same quality of life that citizens in these countries enjoy, it would be acceptable.

In these other countries, children have access to free healthcare from birth to age six, quality education is affordable, and there are effective policies in place. People can freely express their opinions without fear of being labeled as enemies. But what do we have here? Is it safe?”

She went on to criticize the level of insecurity in Nigeria, describing it as shameful. She questioned how people can carry out their daily activities with such high levels of insecurity in the country.

Dokubo also highlighted the impact on businesses and entertainers who rely on nighttime activities, emphasizing that the current situation is no laughing matter.