We failed to capitalize on Year of Return to promote Ghana music – Bisa Kdei

We failed to capitalize on year of return to promote Ghana music – Bisa Kdei

Highlife sensation Bisa Kdei has raised concerns about the missed opportunity to promote Ghanaian music during the Year of Return and Beyond the Return celebrations.

In an interview with Accra FM, Bisa Kdei expressed disappointment that the focus during these events was on genres like Amapiano and Afrobeats, rather than showcasing authentic Ghanaian sounds like Highlife.

He noted that some foreigners, including Nigerians, came to Ghana hoping to experience and appreciate Ghanaian music but were instead exposed to other genres.

Bisa Kdei lamented that this missed opportunity has contributed to the struggle for recognition of Ghanaian music internationally.

During the Year of Return and Beyond the Return celebrations, clubs and entertainment venues primarily promoted foreign songs, further reinforcing the acceptance of those genres in the international music scene.

As a result, Ghanaian music has not been able to break through and gain recognition on a global scale.

Bisa Kdei emphasized the need for strategic promotion of Ghanaian music on global platforms, especially during significant cultural events like the Year of Return.

He pointed out that Ghanaian artists may face challenges in hosting shows abroad if their music is not recognized by international audiences.