Who was Ghanaian gospel musician KODA?

VIDEO: Prophecy about KODA’s death resurfaces

The untimely passing of renowned gospel musician, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, better known as KODA, has sent shockwaves through the Ghanaian gospel music industry, leaving fans and colleagues alike in a state of mourning.

However, amidst the grief, a video has surfaced on social media featuring Reverend Richard Boateng from E-Glory Ministries Chapel. In the video, recorded back in February, Rev. Boateng prophetically predicted KODA’s demise, linking it to a spiritual attack targeted at the musician’s heart. The somber footage depicted Takoradi in a state of mourning, with the pastor urging prayers to alter this foreseen tragic fate.

“I have seen the plot to pull down one of the stars that have emerged from this city. Let’s pray for this person. We need to pray for this young man. He is a musician called KODA or something like that,” Rev. Boateng stated in the video.

The pastor went on to reveal that an arrow had been aimed at KODA’s heart, creating complications that could potentially affect one of the most vital organs in his body. Fervent prayers were offered by Rev. Boateng and his congregation in hopes of averting the prophesied tragedy.

This revelation has sparked intense discussions surrounding prophecy, belief, and the enigmatic nature of life and death. The video has prompted many to reflect on the mysteries of fate and the spiritual realm.

KODA, aged 45, passed away on Sunday, April 21, 2024, after battling a brief illness. A report from Metro TV confirmed his passing in the early hours of the day.

In a resurfaced video, KODA openly discussed his struggles with G6PD deficiency, shedding light on his health issues and medical experiences.

The musician recounted an incident at a Takoradi-based hospital where he was mistakenly given medication that worsened his condition, emphasizing the importance of proactive healthcare and accurate diagnosis.