Patapaa’s estranged wife Liha Miller finds new love

VIDEO: Patapaa’s estranged wife Liha Miller finds new love

Liha Miller, the ex-wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa, has reportedly found love again after her split from the “One Corner” hitmaker.

In recent social media videos shared by Liha’s new partner, Duke, who is a professional footballer, the couple can be seen displaying affection towards each other. This indicates a fresh start for Liha after the alleged troubles in her previous relationship with Patapaa.

The viral footage showcases the couple enjoying various activities together, such as dining out and attending events, highlighting the intimacy and companionship between Liha and Duke.

Rumors and speculations about the reasons behind Liha and Patapaa’s separation have been circulating, drawing public interest. Observers have noted Liha’s extended stays in Germany, her home country, while Patapaa remained in Ghana, suggesting a growing distance between the couple.

Liha’s decision to move on with Duke signifies her pursuit of personal happiness and stability, free from the constraints of her past union with Patapaa.

Meanwhile, Patapaa confirmed the separation from Liha in a recent interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz. He mentioned that they remain legally bound as a couple, expressing his appreciation for the impact Liha had on his life. Patapaa acknowledged that Liha taught him valuable lessons and helped refine his character.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, Patapaa stated that he maintains a good relationship with Liha, reflecting on the growth he experienced during their time together.