Big Akwes’ wife rejects advice to divorce her husband

VIDEO: Big Akwes’ wife rejects advice to divorce her husband

Freda, the wife of popular Ghanaian actor Big Akwes, has come forward to address the ongoing rumors surrounding their marriage, firmly stating her commitment to their relationship.

Despite the swirling divorce speculations, Freda has expressed her unwavering dedication to her husband, emphasizing the enduring bond they share amidst external gossip.

In a candid disclosure, Freda made it clear that their marriage is solid and that they are actively working through any challenges they may be facing.

She wants to set the record straight and reassure their fans and well-wishers that their love and commitment to each other remain strong.

This statement from Freda comes in response to recent rumors circulating about the state of her marriage to Big Akwes.

By speaking out and reaffirming their relationship, Freda hopes to put an end to the misinformed gossip and focus on nurturing their bond.

As a couple in the public eye, Freda and Big Akwes understand that their personal life often becomes fodder for gossip and speculation.

However, they are standing united in the face of these challenges and are prioritizing their love and respect for each other above all else. Their message is clear – their marriage is solid, and they are facing any obstacles together with strength and determination.

Fans and supporters of the couple have been quick to rally behind Freda’s statement, showing their love and encouragement for the couple during this time.

With their loyal fan base standing firmly by their side, Freda and Big Akwes are confident in the strength of their relationship and are looking forward to many more years of love and happiness together.