Berla Mundi

VIDEO: Berla Mundi joins the Tshwala Bam dance challenge

Ghanaian media personality Berlinda Addardey, popularly known as Berla Mundi, has been making waves on social media with her enthusiastic participation in the Tshwala Bam dance challenge.

In a viral video, Berla Mundi can be seen showcasing her dance moves alongside a friend in a hospital setting.

Dressed in a stylish pink top and denim jeans, Berla Mundi effortlessly grooves to the Tshwala Bam (feat. S.N.E, EeQue) song by TitoM, Yuppe & EeQue TheDreama.

Her smooth synchronization with the music has captured the attention of many, as the infectious rhythm of the song has inspired a global wave of dance challenges.

The Tshwala Bam dance challenge has gained popularity on social media, with individuals from all over the world sharing their own interpretations of the dance.

Berla Mundi’s participation in the challenge has garnered praise from fans and followers, who have been impressed by her dance skills and infectious energy.

The video of Berla Mundi taking on the Tshwala Bam dance challenge has gone viral, with many praising her for her impressive moves and charismatic presence.