Brand influencer Akwasi Kardashian in tears as he begs for GHC700,000 for kidney transplant

VIDEO: Akwasi Kardashian in tears as he begs for GHC700k for kidney transplant

Popular brand influencer, Akwasi Kardashian, has recently been seen in a distressing video that has surfaced online.

The video shows him in critical medical condition, confined to a hospital bed and connected to a kidney dialysis machine, painting a grim picture of his deteriorating health.

In an interview with Sammy Kay media, Akwasi Kardashian shared details of the harrowing ordeal that led to his current state. He described experiencing sudden leg disfiguration, bouts of vomiting, and coughing, which prompted him to seek urgent medical attention.

Following a medical evaluation, Akwasi Kardashian was given a devastating diagnosis of a kidney issue that requires treatment amounting to GHC700,000. This staggering amount has put a significant financial strain on him as he battles this health crisis.

The video of Akwasi Kardashian’s condition has sparked concern and sympathy from fans and followers, who are rallying support and donations to help cover the cost of his treatment. The influencer is grateful for the outpouring of support and remains hopeful for his recovery.