TV3 spent over GHC60k on me while in the hospital – Abena Korkor

Ghanaian media personality Abena Korkor recently opened up about her struggles with emotional outbursts, attributing them to her bipolar condition.

In a candid interview with Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), she took full responsibility for her actions, acknowledging the impact her condition has on her behavior.

During the interview, Abena Korkor revealed details about a difficult period when she was hospitalized, resulting in substantial expenses totaling over GHC60,000.

She spoke about destructive behavior, including self-harm, and expressed gratitude for Media General (TV3) covering the costs.

Despite her challenges, Abena Korkor shared that she continues to be employed by Media General. She emphasized the importance of raising awareness about mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, which can cause extreme mood swings.