Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin was suspended in SHS because her friend led her astray

Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin recently opened up about some of the challenges she faced during her time at Senior High School, which almost derailed her ambitions.

While speaking on The Delay Show, she shared her experiences at Insaaniyya Senior High School, where she resided in the boarding house until she encountered trouble with the school authorities.

Initially, Salma’s time at the school was peaceful until she fell in with the wrong crowd and was eventually expelled from the boarding house. Although she did not disclose the specifics of what led to her expulsion, she revealed that she had to stay in the area to commute to school and write her final exams.

Despite the setbacks, Salma was determined to complete her education and shared how she stayed with her aunt to finish her primary and junior high school education before continuing to attend Insaaniyya SHS. She highlighted her independence and dedication to her studies, mentioning that she was in boarding school from her first year to her third year.

While discussing her educational background, Salma expressed gratitude to her mother for funding her education and acknowledged that it had been a while since she completed SHS.

Today, Salma is thriving as an actress, entrepreneur, and brand influencer, proud of her accomplishments and journey from challenging circumstances to success.