Porials Pitch: Vendors risk legal battle over sale of unregistered products

Porials Pitch vendors risk legal battle over sale of unregistered products

Commuters on the N1-Lapaz road experienced heavy traffic over the weekend as Dulcie Boateng, popularly known as the Queen of Snapchat, hosted the ‘Porial’s Pitch’ event.

The main purpose of the event was to connect clients with vendors selling body-enhancing products. However, the gathering also caught the attention of law enforcement agencies such as the police and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who cracked down on vendors selling unregistered products.

According to a tweet from user @OleleSalvador, Dulcie Boateng and other organizers were arrested by the police during the event. Allegedly, Dulcie managed to escape from the police vehicle while they were picking up other suspects.

The arrested individuals, including vendors and organizers, are expected to be arraigned before court and prosecuted for selling unregistered pharmaceutical products. The police seized items such as boric acid suppository, bootyzone butt enlargement products, weight gain syrups, flat tummy potions, and soaps that were being sold illegally.

Olele mentioned that those released after giving statements are likely to face charges for selling unapproved products and violating health regulations. The arrests were made in cooperation with the Pharmacy Council of Ghana and the FDA.