‘People are threatening to kill Judy, hurt our children’- Yul Edochie alleges

Controversial Nollywood actor and pastor, Yul Edochie, has announced an alleged plot by some persons to kill his second wife, Judy Austin, and harm their two children.

In November 2021, Judy welcomed a son named Star Munachimso with Yul, and on 21st April 2022, the actor publicly unveiled her as his second wife.

Before the announcement, he married May for over 17 years, a union that produced four children: a girl and three boys.

May, who did not seem pleased with the union, revealed that her husband paid Judy’s bride price on 24 April 2022 without informing her and filed for a divorce in August 2023. Details of the court proceedings had been kept hush.

After he went public with news of his marriage to Judy, he fell out on social media with his fans and earned a large following of critics and sympathizers alike.

At the same time, he and Judy have also become the butt of internet jokes, especially on Facebook, where they host live videos and a mini-reality show of their personal lives.

But, these activities have earned him some die-hard enemies; at least, that is what his recent social media post suggests.

In a recent post, Yul claimed that those behind the plot created social media platforms to bully his fans, friends, and business associates.

He stated that the group, operating on WhatsApp, has been bullying and harassing others, even posting his home address and threatening his children and partner.

Yul said he has reported the matter to the police and is offering a one million naira reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

He wrote on Instagram: “I heard a group of jobless and foolish people formed a WhatsApp group and social media pages, and they’re using them to threaten my fans, friends, and business associates.

Bullying is unacceptable to me or anyone else. I have reported the matter to the police. If anyone calls or texts you to threaten you, please record the call, copy the number and text, and send it to me so I can forward it to the police for tracking them.

“I heard they went as far as posting my house address on their platform & threatening to hurt my children & kill Judy. They have crossed the line. You can not sit in your house & tell another person how to live their life. God punish all of you. I will get you all.

“I’m offering N1 million and more to anyone who can provide helpful information about them to aid their arrest. To all my fans & friends all over the world, please assist me in apprehending these psychos. I thank you all for your love & support. God bless you. Cyberbullying is unacceptable.’’

He urged anyone receiving threatening calls or texts to record and forward the communication to him so he could assist the police in tracking down the perpetrators.

Yul called on everyone to join him in fighting this behavior and ensuring that those responsible face consequences.